Zoe Davis, MA, LMHC, MS, CNC

Zoe is a functional medicine nutritionist and integrative wellness counselor with a unique combination of graduate education in both human nutrition & functional medicine, and psychology that allows her to use a mind-body approach in a deeply integrated way.  A functional medicine nutritionist looks at nourishment from multiple angles including food, friends, emotions, work, environment, and thoughts. How we are nourished in each of these areas can greatly affect our health and function. When the interconnections between these parts are truly valued, we have a greater chance of making more permanent shifts in self-care that contribute so significantly to disease and distress.  

Zoe has masters degrees in both clinical psychology and human nutrition/functional medicine. In addition, she holds post-graduate certificates in nutritional psychology and brain health coaching. Zoe uses a functional framework in addressing optimal mind-body health for a variety of health issues including digestive dysfunction, depression/anxiety, fatigue, cardiovascular health, stress management, emotional eating, detoxification support, food sensitivities, and body composition imbalances, among many others.  Using a caring, positive, self-embracing approach, Zoe emphasizes the use of curiosity instead of judgement when working with an individual on lifestyle changes and a balance of compassion and honesty to reach a transformed level of wellness. 

In addition to working with individuals, Zoe has led numerous support groups and taught seminars on nutrition and mental health,stress management, self-care, life/work balance, whole foods nutrition, emotional eating, and others over the last five years.  Zoe is also a brain health coach for the nutrition and mental health support site Brain Fit Life where she provides online health education and wellness coaching to individuals around the world. Zoe also proudly serves on the board of Inspired Art Therapy, Inc., a non-profit expressive arts therapy organization in Northern Nevada.

Zoe finds her work as an integrative wellness counselor and functional medicine nutritionist to be deeply rewarding and is honored to be able to witness transformation and healing in people's lives. Wherever you are on your path, and no matter how many paths you have tried before, Zoe is honored to support you in your efforts towards more permanent, optimal health.